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How not to unite a class

Felipe Bascuñán responds to a debate on the Left about the relationship between oppression and class and why getting the answer right is essential to forging a united class struggle.

Confusion is not a path forward

Joe Allen critically examines Chris Maisano’s recent piece, “US-China Tensions Are Escalating. What Does That Mean for the Left?” and is left with more questions than clarifying answers.

Futures of DSA

Hakan Yilmaz responds to debate in Democratic Socialists of America about the goal of an independent political party of the working class.

Let us discuss, let us disagree

Sam Salour highlights the need for open strategic discussion within DSA for the organization to meaningfully relate to political moments that can further the socialist movement.

No shortcuts on socialist electoral strategy

Nate Moore looks at the pitfalls of the “dirty break” strategy and argues that socialist electoral campaigns should not be run on the Democratic Party ballot line.

Is socialism winning?

Emma Wilde Botta contends that the idea that socialism is winning misreads the moment.

An insidious dialectic

Aaron Amaral interviews David Renton about the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party, and the issue of anti-Semitism within the party that led to his suspension.

Backing Biden will not stop Trumpism

Charlie Post and Ashley Smith respond to Stephen R. Shalom’s criticisms of their article, “The lesser evil trap.”

Rank and file reds

Joe Allen responds to Eli R. on the role of socialist organization in the political life of a rank-and-file Teamster.

Biden pledge spits at DSA’s democracy

Andy Sernatinger responds to a recent initiative by DSA members, laying out how it circumvents the organization’s democracy.

The urgency of anti-fascism

Adam Turl responds to David Renton, arguing that the fascist trajectory of the Trump administration in the current moment is of great concern; one demanding a response by the Left.

The greater evil

Stephen R. Shalom criticises the arguments against lesser-evil voting and makes the case for the Left both to support Biden and build the social movements.


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