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Building a mass movement with no apologism

Within and outside DSA, many on the Left have aligned themselves with the Communist Party of China (CPC). Guest author Travis S. submitted this piece to Tempest in the interest of furthering debate on the question of how the left should relate to the CPC. He explores the contradictions and implications of tying the Left to the ruling party of China.

On (not) expelling Jamaal Bowman

After weeks of public debate about DSA’s relationship to Congressional Representative Jamaal Bowman, DSA’s leadership announced that they will not expel Bowman. Andy Sernatinger reports on how the crisis unfolded and examines the forces at play.

Apartheid is a red line

Leandro Herrera argues why socialists cannot afford to compromise on solidarity with Palestine.

Iron Dome’s Deadly Lessons

brian bean analyzes the refusal of several socialist elected officials to oppose Israel’s settler colonialism and discusses implications for socialist strategy.

Alone in a crowd

Emma Wilde Botta and Natalia Tylim argue that the October 2 Women’s March was a missed opportunity to build a socialist defense of abortion rights.

Cutting history to fit a model

Kim Moody responds to Eric Blanc’s piece on the origins of the Labour Party and “the dirty break.”

How not to unite a class

Felipe Bascuñán responds to a debate on the Left about the relationship between oppression and class and why getting the answer right is essential to forging a united class struggle.

Confusion is not a path forward

Joe Allen critically examines Chris Maisano’s recent piece, “US-China Tensions Are Escalating. What Does That Mean for the Left?” and is left with more questions than clarifying answers.

Futures of DSA

Hakan Yilmaz responds to debate in Democratic Socialists of America about the goal of an independent political party of the working class.

Let us discuss, let us disagree

Sam Salour highlights the need for open strategic discussion within DSA for the organization to meaningfully relate to political moments that can further the socialist movement.

No shortcuts on socialist electoral strategy

Nate Moore looks at the pitfalls of the “dirty break” strategy and argues that socialist electoral campaigns should not be run on the Democratic Party ballot line.

Is socialism winning?

Emma Wilde Botta contends that the idea that socialism is winning misreads the moment.


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