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Democratic Socialists of America

Class independence and the broad parties

Tempest’s Andrew Sernatinger responds to a debate with Left Voice on how revolutionary socialists should relate to broad parties.

After the rail fiasco

Joe Allen explains that Biden’s blatant strike-breaking in the imposition of an unpopular contract on rail workers with the support of the DSA “Squad” is a betrayal and a political blunder.

The DSA caboose

Andy Sernatinger looks at the votes by members of the “the Squad” for a Congressional bill that forces a contract on rail workers and what the stakes are for DSA and the Left.

To organize, give people work they want to do

Zyad Hammad of DSA’s NYC Labor Branch argues that what’s missing in DSA organizing is a “scaffolding” of different tiers of engagement that provides opportunities for members take on labor work with low barriers to entry and then advance to deeper involvement as they learn and grow in commitment.

The necessity of organizing DSA members as workers

Aaron Hall, a labor activist and member of the East Bay Democratic Socialists of America (“DSA”), discusses the organization’s labor strategy and how it fits into a broader strategy for the U.S. Left.

Through DSA’s looking glass

Jen Bolen from Democratic Socialists of America’s (DSA) National Political Committee (NPC)  describes the story behind the controversial grievance report by the NPC regarding violations of the grievance policy during and beyond the 2021 DSA Convention.  

What happened to Red Chicago?

Joe Allen analyzes the recent “yes” votes for Mayor Lightfoot’s Bally casino proposal as part of the narrowing horizons for the socialist alderpeople.

Zionists fear the picket

Joel Reinstein unpacks Liza Featherstone’s recent defense of DSA’s ostensible solidarity with Palestine, and finds logical fallacies and factual mistakes.

The left wing of the possible?

Bill Keach reviews A Failure of Vision: Michael Harrington and the Limits of Democratic Socialism by Doug Greene.

To rule an empty palace

Andy Sernatinger follows up on his earlier piece with new reporting about the ongoing dispute between the DSA’s NPC and the BDS and Palestine Solidarity Working Group.


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