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Democratic Socialists of America

Palestine, Bowman, and the DSA

brian bean argues for continuing to demand both the expulsion of Bowman and a renewed principled commitment to BDS from DSA and the entire U.S. Left.

Apartheid is a red line

Leandro Herrera argues why socialists cannot afford to compromise on solidarity with Palestine.

Expel Jamaal Bowman

Tempest Collective weighs in on the call from some within DSA to expel Jamaal Bowman from the organization.

Welcome to the quagmire

Kim Moody assesses the recent U.S. election results and highlights the strategic cul-de-sac facing those sections of the Left currently oriented on the Democratic Party, while pointing to “strike-tober” and the possibilities of a resurgent labor movement, as an alternative strategic focus. 

Rust Belt socialism?

Thomas Hummel explores the politics of the upcoming Buffalo mayoral election and the potential socialist mayor, India Walton.

Iron Dome’s Deadly Lessons

brian bean analyzes the refusal of several socialist elected officials to oppose Israel’s settler colonialism and discusses implications for socialist strategy.

Alone in a crowd

Emma Wilde Botta and Natalia Tylim argue that the October 2 Women’s March was a missed opportunity to build a socialist defense of abortion rights.

2021 DSA Convention

Members of the Tempest Collective offer running commentary and analysis, as elected delegates, on the 2021 DSA Convention.

Working class families need universal childcare

Sarah R explains the importance of universal childcare and how a Childcare For All campaign taken up by DSA would contribute to building working class organizations.


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