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Democratic Socialists of America

Zionists fear the picket

Joel Reinstein unpacks Liza Featherstone’s recent defense of DSA’s ostensible solidarity with Palestine, and finds logical fallacies and factual mistakes.

The left wing of the possible?

Bill Keach reviews A Failure of Vision: Michael Harrington and the Limits of Democratic Socialism by Doug Greene.

To rule an empty palace

Andy Sernatinger follows up on his earlier piece with new reporting about the ongoing dispute between the DSA’s NPC and the BDS and Palestine Solidarity Working Group.

DSA’s Palestine problem

The Tempest Collective Steering Committee lays the recent actions of the leadership of the DSA at the feet of the organization’s pro-Democratic Party right-wing, which seeks to drive out of the organization all critical voices. That the central issue is Palestine and anti-imperialism is no accident, and strengthening those movements, as well as the socialist movement as a whole, requires that we wholly oppose the NPC’s machinations.

NPC disbands BDS Working Group

Andy Sernatinger reports on the crisis inside DSA following the de-chartering of the BDS and Palestine Solidarity Working Group.

DSLC: Isn’t democracy power?

Paul KD and Natalia Tylim provide the Tempest perspective on recent developments with the DSA’s Democratic Socialist Labor Commission.

Building a mass movement with no apologism

Within and outside DSA, many on the Left have aligned themselves with the Communist Party of China (CPC). Guest author Travis S. submitted this piece to Tempest in the interest of furthering debate on the question of how the left should relate to the CPC. He explores the contradictions and implications of tying the Left to the ruling party of China.

On (not) expelling Jamaal Bowman

After weeks of public debate about DSA’s relationship to Congressional Representative Jamaal Bowman, DSA’s leadership announced that they will not expel Bowman. Andy Sernatinger reports on how the crisis unfolded and examines the forces at play.

Palestine, Bowman, and the DSA

brian bean argues for continuing to demand both the expulsion of Bowman and a renewed principled commitment to BDS from DSA and the entire U.S. Left.

Apartheid is a red line

Leandro Herrera argues why socialists cannot afford to compromise on solidarity with Palestine.

Expel Jamaal Bowman

Tempest Collective weighs in on the call from some within DSA to expel Jamaal Bowman from the organization.


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