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Democratic Socialists of America

Is this what solidarity looks like?

In the aftermath of the “state visit” to Venezuela by DSA officials, Natalia Tylim analyses the debate within the organization, and argues for more democratic deliberation and a greater appreciation of the diversity of the Latin American Left before DSA aligns itself to any ruling parties or states.

Tempest’s DSA Convention Positions

Tempest Collective’s DSA Committee discussed and voted on which proposals we are supporting or opposing. This document lists our positions with brief explanations to our reasoning.

Why Referendum and Recall

Andy Sernatinger explains two proposed amendments to the constitution and bylaws of the Democratic Socialists of America, “National Referendum” (C2) and “For a Leadership Elected by and Accountable to the Membership” (C5), or “Recall” for short.

DSA chapter delegates results

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) chapters are presently electing their delegations to the 2021 National Convention, to be held online August 1-8. In the past, a list of delegate names without affiliations have been released to elected delegates after the conclusion of elections. This ends up being too little, too late. A list of 1300 … Continue Reading DSA chapter delegates results

Strange alchemy

Andy Sernatinger and Emma Wilde Botta critique a strategy popular among leaders of Democratic Socialists of America that places socialist politics inside the Democratic Party.

San Francisco educators endorse BDS

Alex Schmaus and brian bean report on the first public school educators union in the U.S. to endorse boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israeli apartheid.

The party question in DSA

Join Tempest Collective for a debate between socialists with different views about the question of independence and the Democratic Party.

Futures of DSA

Hakan Yilmaz responds to debate in Democratic Socialists of America about the goal of an independent political party of the working class.

Socialists and the BAmazon Union

Sam Salour discusses the lack of a coordinated response from the Democratic Socialists of America to what could be the most significant union election in the South in decades.


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