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Confronting the backlash

In this transcript of a session at Socialism 2023, Tempest’s Haley Pessin and Phil Gasper discuss how socialists should challenge the backlash against the anti-racist uprising of the 2020s and argue that it takes a combined anti-racism and anti-capitalism to mount the necessary resistance.

Recent articles

“People have to act collectively”

Leading historian of McCarthyism Ellen Schrecker explains that McCarthyism was not about one person. And what’s happening today within our society, including the erosion of democratic practices and values, is not just about Donald Trump.

Weathering the storm

Kirstin Roberts and Natalia Tylim report of the 2024 Tempest convention held in Chicago over the long weekend of February 17-19.

Comrades, community, and commitment

Tempest member Aileen Cerrillos reflects on their experience organizing in university and NGO-modeled spaces and their decision to join the Tempest Collective project.

Building solidarity with Palestine

The Tempest Collective is hosting a meeting on March 17 at 2 p.m. (EDT) about organizing for an end to Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza.

“The John Brown way” part 2

David Whitehouse recounts the battles, up through the Harpers’ Ferry revolt, of anti-slavery militant John Brown, a period that influenced the emergence of the United States Left.

Perspectives for socialists in 2024

The Tempest Collective Editorial Board recently sat down with David McNally to discuss current geopolitical dynamics, economic fault lines, and labor struggles—and perspectives for socialists in 2024. This is the second part of a two-part interview. Part one can be read here.


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