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Made in the U.S.A.

Ashley Smith assesses the Biden Administration’s response to the recent wave of Haitian refugees and finds 200 years of racist history playing out in a south Texas border crossing.

Iron Dome’s Deadly Lessons

brian bean analyzes the refusal of several socialist elected officials to oppose Israel’s settler colonialism and discusses implications for socialist strategy.

Alone in a crowd

Emma Wilde Botta and Natalia Tylim argue that the October 2 Women’s March was a missed opportunity to build a socialist defense of abortion rights.

Recent articles

Hurricane Maria four years later

Paul Figueroa analyzes the state of settler colonialism and disaster capitalism obstructing self-determination for Puerto Rico four years after Hurricane Maria.

Antisemitism crisis in Labour

Daniel Randall and David Renton engage in a dialogue about antisemitism and the crisis in the British Labour Party, while trying to draw out some of the lessons for the internationalist Left.

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