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Imperialist Keynesianism

Ashley Smith contextualizes the Biden administration program, and argues that it represents a Keynesian break from decades of neo-liberal policy. However, it is a break driven in the first instance by the imperative to rehabilitate the profitability of U.S. capitalism and U.S. imperial power.

View from the warehouse floor

Malli Nath writes of their experience as a Texas Fed Ex warehouse worker in light of the murders at an Indianapolis warehouse, the failed BAmazon organizing effort, and popular cultural representation of logistics work.

Recent articles

Rebellion Unleashed

Sam Salour summarizes an important new book that maps the recent uprisings in North Africa and West Asia.

Defeat in Bessemer

Longtime socialist and Teamster, Joe Allen, critically assesses both the defeat of the Amazon organizing drive as well as the limitations of the lessons being drawn by some on the Left.

The Paris Commune and workers’ democracy

Thomas Hummel draws some of the principled lessons of the Paris Commune that have guided the socialist Left for 150 years, and asks how today’s Left measures up in having learned those lessons.

No war, no KKK

Bill Mullen reviews No Fascist USA!, a new book covering anti-KKK organizing in the 1970s and 80s and argues that it contains important lessons for today.

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