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Time to bash back

As part of our ongoing series of articles for Pride Month, Christian writes about the role self-defense can play for queer people responding to the recent attacks against the LGBTQ community.

A breakthrough for the French left?

Ian Birchall explains the background and looks at what may come next following the second round of France’s parliamentary elections which saw the president lose his majority, a new Left alliance becoming the second largest force, but also a worrying increase in far-right representation.

Pinkwashing as cold as the Rockies

 As part of our ongoing series of articles for Pride Month, Hank Kennedy provides a brief history of the gay-labor alliance that took place in the 1970s to boycott Coors Brewing Company.

Inside the Ukrainian Resistance

Tempest interviews Alona Liasheva and Denys Pilash about the Ukrainian Resistance, the state of war, the dynamics of class struggle and popular consciousness, and the tasks of the international Left in building solidarity with Ukraine.

Recent articles

Voting for Democrats has been a dead-end for abortion justice

In the wake of the leaked SCOTUS opinion that is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, thousands have mobilized in support of the right to an abortion. Stephanie Attar argues that activists should transcend bourgeois electoral politics and organize for socialist feminism instead.

Queer liberation and socialism

In the first of a series of articles for Pride Month, Dana Cloud writes about the history of queer liberation struggle in the United States, its socialist origins, and lessons for today’s queer politics.

A new era of labor revolt (1966)

In the mid-1960s, in the midst of Black urban revolt and radicalization on campuses, the U.S. working class was supposedly bought off and inactive. Worker-revolutionary Stan Weirdisagreed. In this 1966 speech, he detailed the broad stirrings of a rank and file rebellion—a revolt with roots in unbearable workplace conditions and a deep feeling that “something’s basically wrong with American life.”

What happened to Red Chicago?

Joe Allen analyzes the recent “yes” votes for Mayor Lightfoot’s Bally casino proposal as part of the narrowing horizons for the socialist alderpeople.

See you at Labor Notes

On behalf of the Tempest Collective, Joe Allen describes the political terrain ahead of the Labor Notes Conference and the importance of an open and serious engagement with the socialist movement.

A call for internationalism

Bob Kosuth, in his remarks from May Day 2022, argues for the centrality of an internationalist perspective in our political work.

Working women in Iraq:

Working women in Iraq and their living and working conditions have received little attention in research, media, and politics. Working-class women are often [improperly] categorized […]. In addition, the interventions of progressive political parties and trade unions in Iraq are mainly man-oriented and neglect women’s conditions, desires, needs, and problems. At the same time, the … Continue Reading Working women in Iraq:


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