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Did Lenin Сreate Ukraine?

Grusha Gilaeva analyzes the positions of Marx and Lenin on the national question and explains why the Left must support the anti-colonial struggle of Ukraine.

Reproductive rights for all

Anyanwu L. argues that queer and trans folks having access to safe and free access to reproductive healthcare is crucial to building our movements. 

Recent articles

Remembering Alan Grant

Hank Kennedy remembers the life of comic book writer Alan Grant and the Left politics found in some of his most well-known works including Detective Comics, Batman, and Shadow of the Bat.

Why I joined Tempest

In the first of an ongoing series of personal contributions, Donna Murch shares her reasons for becoming a member of the Tempest Collective.

Breaking the Impasse

In his latest book, Tempest Collective member Kim Moody analyzes: the political impasse which has shaped the rise of a new socialist movement in the United States; the recurring economic and political crises, sharp inequality, state violence, and climate catastrophe facing humanity; and the ascendant right. A long-time socialist and labor activist, Moody situates the … Continue Reading Breaking the Impasse


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