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Texas freeze

Texas-based socialist Snehal Shingavi dissects the most common explanations for the Great Texas Freeze of 2021 and finds they fail to address the systemic causes which are not at all unique to Texas.

How Boston beat the far right

A number of Boston socialists reflect on one of the most important confrontations with the far-right in the U.S. during the Trump years as a model of organizing and mass challenge to the racists and their enablers.

Biden’s border regime

Ashley Smith analyses Biden’s immigration proposals and executive orders, and finds small steps forwards lost to the rapid return to a reactionary status quo ante.

Recent articles

Crossword politics

Camila Valle interviews puzzle constructor Natan Last about the sometime hidden, sometimes open politics of crosswords.

For a democratic DSA

A Tempest Collective statement advocating for an effort to transform DSA into a more democratic and political organization.

Where is UPS going?

Joe Allen calls attention to the ongoing restructuring at UPS, evidenced by the recent sale of UPS Freight, and why this sale and the recent history of UPS restructuring should be red flags for rank and file Teamsters and the union as a whole.

Defund the police

Haley Pessin looks at the advances and setbacks of the defund movement and how the Left fits into these efforts

Let us discuss, let us disagree

Sam Salour highlights the need for open strategic discussion within DSA for the organization to meaningfully relate to political moments that can further the socialist movement.

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