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Defend Walden Bello!

Information on the arrest of Philippine activist, intellectual, and politician Walden Bello and a call to build a campaign in his defense.

Sri Lanka’s democratic revolution

Months of protests brought down Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa last month. Scholar-activist Rohini Hensman situates this victory as one step in a protracted struggle for democracy in Sri Lanka.

Recent articles

Dropping like flies

Joe Allen shares stories of UPS drivers endangered by the lack of air conditioning in delivery vehicles and the company’s failure to respond.

Stylized image of postal workers strike 1970s

Origins of the rank and file strategy

Kim Moody, a veteran of the International Socialists, explains the roots of the rank and file strategy in the Marxist tradition and how the International Socialists (U.S.) tried to put it into practice by diving into the rank and file rebellions of the 1970s.

“Written on Mars”

The final volume of Philip Foner’s groundbreaking history of the U.S. labor movement is now available. It covers the years 1929–1932. Despite its promise to frame the origins of the labor militancy of the Great Depression, Joe Allen argues that it presents a distorted picture.

Joe Biden and Jens Stoltenberg arm bump at NATO summit over a map of the war in Ukraine

Towards a new permanent global war?

Writing in the wake of last month’s historic North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit in Spain, Jaime Pastor, analyzes the current strategic path of NATO, as it seeks the global expansion of the U.S-led “western” bloc in a context of growing inter-imperial competition.


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