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They gave their life to Stop Cop City

Tempest member Leandro Herrera speaks with an Atlanta Forest defender about Manuel Esteban Paez Terán (aka Tortuguita), a beloved activist part of the Stop Cop City campaign who was murdered by police in January.

Recent articles

Victory for the Dartmouth student workers

Tempest member Nancy Welch interviews Grace Hillery, a sophomore and member of the Student Workers Collective at Dartmouth, on their recent union contract victory for student workers.

Hal Draper’s America as Overlord

Samuel Farber provides the foreword in the Haymarket-published book America as Overlord, a collection of essays written by Hal Draper in the 1950s and 1960s on the role of U.S. imperialism from World War II to the Vietnam War.

Fund services, not police and prisons!

A panel of Vermont activists spoke out on police, prisons, and capitalism in late January. Speakers took up the need to fund social services and defund police and prisons. The event highlighted a specific reform—community control of police—that is on the local ballot in Burlington on March 7.

Revolutionary graduate worker unionism

Graduate worker Steven Lazaroff considers what it means to be a revolutionary in graduate student unions on the basis of his experience at Illinois State University, where the ISU Graduate Workers Union won a significant victory.

Ukraine, Palestine, and internationalism

Ashley Smith of the Tempest Collective interviews Vladyslav Starodubstev on the one-year anniversary of the war about the struggle for internationalist solidarity in Ukraine and Palestine.

Fascism in Italy today

Last September a fascist party descended from Mussolini’s movement won election in Italy—a milestone in the advance of the far right internationally. Thomas Hummel examines the Italian situation and argues that united struggle can turn the tide.

From below and to the left

These two poems by former death-row prisoner Kenneth Foster, Jr., selected by Tempest member Dana Cloud, reflect on the interconnections among the carceral state, national oppression, war, racism, resistance, and revolution.


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