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A rocky road on the upward path of labor action

strong>Kim Moody looks at the changing economic, internal union, and political contexts for workers whose contracts expire this year and argues that intransigent employers will face a union workforce with years of accumulated grievances, a cost-of-living crisis, and a rebellious rank and file. We can expect major struggles in 2023. This offers a huge opportunity…

It’s OK to be angry about Bernie Sanders’ new book

Tens of thousands of activists were inspired to join socialist Bernie Sanders’ campaigns for president in 2016 and 2020. Shamus Cooke reviews Bernie’s latest book and argues that the Sanders project of shifting the Democratic Party leftward has squandered the movement in a time of crisis and need.

Fatal abstractions

There are effective vaccines for COVID-19 and effective treatments for HIV/AIDS, but both remain global epidemics. Medical researcher Sam Friedman explains how the profit system is limiting the reach of life-saving medicines.

On the Chicago race for mayor

Kirstin Roberts argues that given the stark political choice, the broad mobilization of left and movement forces in support of Brandon Johnson, and the groundwork laid over the last decade by union and social struggles in Chicago, the elections offer real opportunities for socialists committed to political independence.

Making sense of Chicago’s election

Joe Allen sets the Chicago mayoral election in historical context and argues that the choice on offer, however stark, also reflects the political limits of the strength of the Left and our (social and trade union) movements.

Recent articles

North Carolina’s factory boom

National policy is spurring new investment in domestic factories, and North Carolina is one center of the boom. David Leon argues that the growth in factory jobs can enable new organizing and workers’ struggle—and that socialists have a key role to play.


In this poem, Tempest member Sam Friedman considers how, through collective work, we can resist the apocalyptic threats of capitalism.

They gave their life to Stop Cop City

Tempest member Leandro Herrera speaks with an Atlanta Forest defender about Manuel Esteban Paez Terán (aka Tortuguita), a beloved activist part of the Stop Cop City campaign who was murdered by police in January.

Victory for the Dartmouth student workers

Tempest member Nancy Welch interviews Grace Hillery, a sophomore and member of the Student Workers Collective at Dartmouth, on their recent union contract victory for student workers.


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