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Polarization and paralysis

Now is the time for a critical assessment of the Left’s failed electoral strategy and the shift to a fundamentally different one—an orientation on the independent organization of class and social struggle.

Recent articles

teamsters, dewine, ohio elections

Victory in Ohio?

Joe Allen analyzes the Ohio Teamsters’ electoral strategy in Ohio and its endorsement of the right-wing Republican, incumbent Governor, Mike DeWine.

When Iran is free

Amid ongoing protests following the death of 22-year-old Kurdish Iranian woman Mahsa Amin in September while in Iranian police custody for several days after being arrested by the morality police, Fred, an Iranian socialist, analyzes the government’s harsh response, the different ideological factions that are within the “woman, life, freedom” movement, and where these opposition forces are situated in a future post-regime Iran.

Voices from Ukraine & Russia

Voices from Ukraine & Russia

The Real News Network, in partnership with Haymarket Books, hosts a panel with Ukrainian and Russian activists and academics.

Shitstorming the opposition

Dean O’Possum writes about a far-right effort to attack a local Drag Story Time event in Eugene, Oregon and the ideological landscape in which transphobic legislation, online conspiracies, and hate speech targeting trans youth must be understood, organized against, and resisted. Excerpt: Dean O’Possum writes about a far-right protest against a Drag Story Time event in Eugene, Oregon, why these attacks are spreading, and how we can fight back.

Kanye Kyrie antisemitism

Kanye, Kyrie, and the continuum of antisemitic violence

Jonah ben Avraham addresses the antisemitic social media outbursts by Kanye West and Kyrie Irving and places them in the context and continuum of the wider growth of antisemitism, cultivated within ruling class and right-wing media and politics.


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