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Is this what solidarity looks like?

In the aftermath of the “state visit” to Venezuela by DSA officials, Natalia Tylim analyses the debate within the organization, and argues for more democratic deliberation and a greater appreciation of the diversity of the Latin American Left before DSA aligns itself to any ruling parties or states.

Recent articles

How not to unite a class

Felipe Bascuñán responds to a debate on the Left about the relationship between oppression and class and why getting the answer right is essential to forging a united class struggle.

Tempest’s DSA Convention Positions

Tempest Collective’s DSA Committee discussed and voted on which proposals we are supporting or opposing. This document lists our positions with brief explanations to our reasoning.

Why Referendum and Recall

Andy Sernatinger explains two proposed amendments to the constitution and bylaws of the Democratic Socialists of America, “National Referendum” (C2) and “For a Leadership Elected by and Accountable to the Membership” (C5), or “Recall” for short.

Palestinian liberation and the MENA revolutions

In the aftermath of the outpouring of Palestinian resistance to Israel’s latest escalation of its policy of slow-motion ethnic cleansing, Joseph Daher analyses the strategic alternatives for the Palestinian struggle.

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