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DSA chapter delegates results

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) chapters are presently electing their delegations to the 2021 National Convention, to be held online August 1-8. In the past, a list of delegate names without affiliations have been released to elected delegates after the conclusion of elections. This ends up being too little, too late. A list of 1300 … Continue Reading DSA chapter delegates results

The market compels it

Restaurant worker Natalia Tylim discusses the experience of restaurant reopening in New York City this winter before broad vaccine distribution.

Recent articles

Labor law reform and class struggle

In the context of an ongoing campaign to pass the PRO ACT, Charlie Post looks at important moments of labor law reform and their relationship to the broader class struggle.

Strange alchemy

Andy Sernatinger and Emma Wilde Botta critique a strategy popular among leaders of Democratic Socialists of America that places socialist politics inside the Democratic Party.

Let go of the fear

Joe Stapleton interviews Ale Mejía and Ben Kossak about the newly formed Duke University Press (DUP) Workers Union.

San Francisco educators endorse BDS

Alex Schmaus and brian bean report on the first public school educators union in the U.S. to endorse boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israeli apartheid.

Ecosocialism in Quebec

Haley Pessin interviews Benoit Renaud and Jessica Squires about a new activist organization in Quebec, Révolution écosocialiste.

Confusion is not a path forward

Joe Allen critically examines Chris Maisano’s recent piece, “US-China Tensions Are Escalating. What Does That Mean for the Left?” and is left with more questions than clarifying answers.

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