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Reflections on building the third camp

Since the 1960s, Cuban-born Samuel Farber has been an activist and writer with a third camp, anti-capitalist, anti-Stalinist perspective. He talked to Kent Worcester about his political development, his experiences—and his reflections on people, movements, and organizations—from his earliest years to today.

Next steps to regain abortion rights

Even though popular support for abortion rights stands at more than two-thirds, the Supreme Court seems dead set on overturning Roe v. Wade. Haley Pessin and Natalia Tylim look at why this majority hasn’t ruled in official politics and the kind of organizing it will take to turn things around.

Recent articles

Stylized image of railway workers.

“Miserable” and getting worse

Paul KD interviews Ross Grooters, co-chair of Railroad Workers United, a coalition of rank-and-filers, about the current state of the railways, the impact of deregulation, the pandemic, and the possibility of coordinated struggle in the industry.

Rally in defense of abortion and bodily autonomy

Some 150 people rallied in Burlington, Vermont on the evening of May 3, 2002, at the Federal Building. The event was called by Planned Parenthood. The first speakers were Vermont Democratic Party Congressman, Peter Welch, and  Lt. Governor, Molly Gray, both remarking on the breathtaking and shocking nature of the Supreme Court’s draft decision, and … Continue Reading Rally in defense of abortion and bodily autonomy

The tragedy of Puerto Rico

Rafael Bernabe situates the political challenges facing Puerto Rico and, through the lens of Lenin in 1905, calls for a more explicit focus on capitalism as the problem, and the need to “organize pessimism” to retrieve the kernel of hope necessary for the fights ahead.


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