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The DSA moment is over

Andy Sernatinger looks at the crisis facing the Democratic Socialists of America, arguing that DSA’s ‘moment’ has passed.

Socialism from below

This talk by Anthony Arnove kicked off a NYC Tempest Collective discussion on  the theme of  “Socialism from Below.”

Recent articles

Racism, self-determination, and the dissolution of the Palestine working group

The DSA voted to dissolve the BDS and Palestine Solidarity Working Group (BDSWG) and force it into the International Committee despite protest from both groups. To ignore the gravity of this decision and its implications would be a disastrous mistake–a mistake reflected in the celebration of the new DSA leadership.

Starving Armenians and very tasty cookies

The blockade is a form of terrorism, meant to drive people from their homeland. Starvation is a weapon of genocide, but for the moment Artsakh’s residents are doing everything they can to hold on.

Viola Liuzzo (1925-1965)

On the 60th anniversary of the civil rights March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Hank Kennedy tells the riveting story of a mostly unsung civil rights hero, Viola Liuzzo, who was murdered by the KKK in 1965 and then smeared by the FBI and police.

UAW rally in Warren, Michigan

On August 25, 97 percent of the 150,000 auto workers represented by the UAW voted to authorize a strike if an agreement is not reached before their contracts expire on September 14. Hank Kennedy reports on a rally of the United Auto Workers in Warren, Michigan last weekend before the strike authorization vote.


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