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Reports from UAW picket lines

In these short reports, Tempest members Haley Pessin and Mel Bienenfeld describe UAW pickets at a Stellantis Parts Distribution Center in Tappan, NY.

Let them eat steak

Tempest’s Dana Cloud reports from a United Auto Workers picket line at a G.M. parts distribution center in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Nurses’ strike in New Brunswick, NJ

Sam Friedman reports on a nurses’ strike in New Brunswick, NJ. over oppressive working conditions, including unsafe staffing levels.

UAW rally in Warren, Michigan

On August 25, 97 percent of the 150,000 auto workers represented by the UAW voted to authorize a strike if an agreement is not reached before their contracts expire on September 14. Hank Kennedy reports on a rally of the United Auto Workers in Warren, Michigan last weekend before the strike authorization vote.

Why are hospitals keeping nurses away from patients in need?

Tempest member Snehal Shingavi interviews striking union nurses in Kansas and Texas following their historic one-day strike in June against Ascension and the company’s retaliation to lockout the employees from returning to work for three days.

Are the Teamsters going red-hunting?

Joe Allen highlights the barely-concealed red-baiting in a recent defense of the UPS Tentative Agreement from a Teamster National Bargaining Committee member.

Get ready for a fiery fall

Tempest’s Dana Cloud surveys the year’s labor struggles in higher education and concludes that the moment may be right for another surge.

What happened to the big UPS Strike?

Can a union achieve a “historic victory,” a gamechanger in contract negotiations without an actual strike? Joe Allen writes on the tentative agreement between the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and United Parcel Service (UPS).

This is a war against the studios

Tempest members Dana Cloud and Nina Lozano went out in support of a picket against Netflix in Hollywood, where they interviewed six actors and writers about their work and the demands of the strike.


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