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The Teamster Election

Joe Allen explains the prospects for the Teamsters in the aftermath of the most recent Union election.

Reviving the sympathy strike

Emma Wilde Botta and Elizabeth Lalasz report on recent labor unrest at the healthcare giant Kaiser.

Welcome to the quagmire

Kim Moody assesses the recent U.S. election results and highlights the strategic cul-de-sac facing those sections of the Left currently oriented on the Democratic Party, while pointing to “strike-tober” and the possibilities of a resurgent labor movement, as an alternative strategic focus. 


Joe Allen looks at the realities of the recent strike waves, including a number of “no” votes on contract ratification, and the role and meaning of worker solidarity for socialists.

How IATSE got strike ready

Héctor A. Rivera interviews IATSE member Spring Super about what led to the strike vote, the impact of BLM, and what solidarity looks like.

Labor Day on the picket line

For Labor Day, Tempest calls for building solidarity with St. Vincent nurses, workers and Nabisco, and workers across the country engaged in struggle.

Teamster Election Roundtable

Rank and file Teamsters discuss what the upcoming elections mean for the future of the union.

T-SPAN Teamster election debate debrief

Tempest Magazine sponsors a debrief following the first debate between the two candidates for the presidency of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Sean O’Brien and Steve Vairma.


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