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A rocky road on the upward path of labor action

strong>Kim Moody looks at the changing economic, internal union, and political contexts for workers whose contracts expire this year and argues that intransigent employers will face a union workforce with years of accumulated grievances, a cost-of-living crisis, and a rebellious rank and file. We can expect major struggles in 2023. This offers a huge opportunity…

North Carolina’s factory boom

National policy is spurring new investment in domestic factories, and North Carolina is one center of the boom. David Leon argues that the growth in factory jobs can enable new organizing and workers’ struggle—and that socialists have a key role to play.

Revolutionary graduate worker unionism

Graduate worker Steven Lazaroff considers what it means to be a revolutionary in graduate student unions on the basis of his experience at Illinois State University, where the ISU Graduate Workers Union won a significant victory.

How NYC nurses won their strike

Tempest’s Mel Bienenfeld shares an account by NYSNA member Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez of how nurses organized themselves and their community ahead of the victorious NYC nurses strike.

You don’t want your nurse to be overworked

Tempest member Snehal Shingavi spoke to four nurses in Texas who participated in rallies last month to protest understaffing at a number of major hospitals.

Toward a rank-and-file caucus in UCU

Dan Davison makes the argument for a rank-and-file strategy given the state of the higher education strikes in the United Kingdom and the debates within the University and College Union.

Building Teamster Power?

The Teamsters say they are going in a new progressive direction in the U.S. labor movement, yet, Joe Allen explains, there is little evidence of that in the role they are playing in Chicago’s current municipal elections.

Class struggle today

A Tempest Collective event this Sunday, February 12 at 12 p.m. EST

This recession is an ambush

Portland socialist Shamus Cooke has warned that the ruling class is conjuring up a recession to wipe out recent workers’ gains. Here he writes that we need a national response that combines action from below with steps toward workers’ political independence.


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