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CTU election

Joe Allen examines the context of the 2022 CTU elections, the impact of its leadership on Chicago politics, teacher unionism, and the trade union movement nationally, and argues for the importance of a vote for CORE.

Stylized image of railway workers.

“Miserable” and getting worse

Paul KD interviews Ross Grooters, co-chair of Railroad Workers United, a coalition of rank-and-filers, about the current state of the railways, the impact of deregulation, the pandemic, and the possibility of coordinated struggle in the industry.

The Teamsters: A new era?

Joe Allen examines the expectation and challenges facing the new leadership of the Teamsters.

Was holding the line enough for MFT?

In March—less than two years after outbreak of massive protests following the police murder of George Floyd—Minneapolis teachers and educational support professionals went on strike. After two weeks out, they’d won some gains, including on racial justice demands. Educator-activist Dan Troccoli explains how they did it and how far there is to go.

Seattle concrete drivers suffer setback

Steve Leigh analyzes the defeat of the Seattle concrete workers strike in light of the developments in the labor movement, including Striketober and the new Teamster leadership.

Amazon: The future is unwritten

A Tempest editorial assesses the importance of the bombshell victory of the independent Amazon Labor Union in its organizing effort against the logistics giant.

Grande sindicato, please!

Thomas Hummel sat down with Starbucks’ worker and organizer Brian Murray to discuss the organizing movement that has swept the country.

Solidarity with Twin City educators

A transcript from the March 3 roundtable event to discuss the context of the ongoing Minneapolis educators strike.

Victory to the Minneapolis strikers!

Darrin Hoop reports on the Minneapolis educators’ strike, beginning today, on International Womens’ Day. He highlights how the anti-racist fight is at the center of the demands of the strike and the political energies earned from the struggle for justice for George Floyd.


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