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Antisemitism crisis in Labour

Daniel Randall and David Renton engage in a dialogue about antisemitism and the crisis in the British Labour Party, while trying to draw out some of the lessons for the internationalist Left.

Twenty years since 9/11

On the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Phil Gasper explains the historical relationship between U.S. imperialism and the jihadist groups in the Middle East.

The outlines of opposition in a post-Trump U.S.A.

Peter Ikeler assesses the multi-dimensional crises facing the U.S., the development of antagonistic social movements under the pressure of these crises, and offers some tentative strategic conclusions on the question of organization for the U.S. Left.

Labor Day on the picket line

For Labor Day, Tempest calls for building solidarity with St. Vincent nurses, workers and Nabisco, and workers across the country engaged in struggle.

T-SPAN Teamster election debate debrief

Tempest Magazine sponsors a debrief following the first debate between the two candidates for the presidency of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Sean O’Brien and Steve Vairma.

Atlanta was a watershed

Pranav Jani examines the new wave of organizing against anti-Asian racism and why the Left must deepen our understanding of its impact and origins as we strive to build solidarity.

Biden, borders, and the fight for migrant rights

The Biden administration’s policies have precipitated a humanitarian crisis on the U.S./ Mexico border. While it repealed some of Trump’s vicious anti-immigrant orders, the administration has maintained a closed border, expelled over 170,000 people, thrown over 19,000 children into detention centers, and pressured Mexico to bar migrants on its southern border. At an April 25 virtual event, socialists and activists discussed Biden’s betrayal of his campaign promises and what the movement must do to win migrant justice. The video of this panel is available here.


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