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The front of a six-story office building withe the words I.G. Metall over the front door facing a Berlin street.

Organize, Fight, Win

Evan DeMers reports on rank-and-file strategy discussions and debates among German workers at a recent conference.

A photo of the Russian participant and critic of the Russian Revolution Victor Serge, rendered in triplicate.

Remembering Victor Serge

Victor Serge participated in the Russian Revolution and observed it acutely. Theodor Lena pays tribute 75 years after Serge’s death.

Polarization and paralysis

Now is the time for a critical assessment of the Left’s failed electoral strategy and the shift to a fundamentally different one—an orientation on the independent organization of class and social struggle.

teamsters, dewine, ohio elections

Victory in Ohio?

Joe Allen analyzes the Ohio Teamsters’ electoral strategy in Ohio and its endorsement of the right-wing Republican, incumbent Governor, Mike DeWine.

When Iran is free

Amid ongoing protests following the death of 22-year-old Kurdish Iranian woman Mahsa Amin in September while in Iranian police custody for several days after being arrested by the morality police, Fred, an Iranian socialist, analyzes the government’s harsh response, the different ideological factions that are within the “woman, life, freedom” movement, and where these opposition forces are situated in a future post-regime Iran.


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