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1.6.21: This is America

Hakan Yilmaz and Andy Sernatinger analyze the takeover of the US capitol by pro-Trump demonstrators on 1/6/21, explaining the growth of the far right and tasks ahead.

Save our school

Paul Fleckenstein reports on the struggle to oppose the budget cuts and restructuring at the University of Vermont.

Fight the far right in the Biden era

The Tempest Collective is hosting an online forum on January 24th to discuss how the Left can organize to fight the Far Right under the incoming Biden Administration.

Writings on the “putsch”

Aaron Amaral and Scott McLemee provide a digest, with links and excerpts, of some of the best of the recent commentary about the events at the U.S. capitol on January 6, 2021.

Authoritarianism and resistance in India

An interview with Nagesh Rao about the ongoing farmers’ protests, the state of Indian politics, the meaning of Modi, and the growing role of the Indian diaspora on U.S. politics.

Meet the new boss

Eric Maroney and Jay Poppa, provide a background to Biden’s nominee for Education Secretary, Miguel Cardona, and insight into what education activists might expect over his administration.

How rock became white – part 3

In the final of a three-part series, Geoff Bailey, looks at the racial politics of rock and roll in the creation of “Classic Rock”, and how they inform a critique of the concept of cultural appropriation.


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