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Tempest’s articles relating to Palestine, Palestinian resistance and solidarity.

Toward a free Palestine

The current struggle for Palestinian liberation marks a turning point in world politics, argues this Tempest Collective editorial.

From Ukraine to Palestine, occupation is a crime

On November 2, 2023, Haymarket Books and the Ukraine Solidarity Network hosted a forum on the connection between the occupations and wars in Ukraine and Palestine facilitated by Ashley Smith and featuring Dana El-Kurd, Daria Saburova, Ramah Kudaimi and Joseph Daher.

Once More on Hamas

As part of a continuing exchange on October 7, the Palestinian resistance, and the posture of the Left towards Hamas, Dan La Botz and Stephen R. Shalom reply here to Sean Larson. La Botz and Shalom had previously submitted a response to an article by Jonah ben Avraham to which Larson, in turn, responded.

We are fighting for Palestinian liberation

Tempest member Denée Jackson draws connections among Jewish, Black, and Palestinian experience and liberation, arguing for solidarity across multiple marginalized identities.

Solidarity with Central Ohio Revolutionary Socialists

The Central Ohio Revolutionary Socialists (CORS) are facing political repression at Ohio State University for its Palestine activism. Tempest shares CORS’s account of the suspension of its student group while rightly calling attention to the wave of McCarthyite tactics by universities across the country. Please sign and circulate the CORS solidarity petition.

What would it take to win in Palestine?

David Camfield and Charlie Post argue that Palestinian liberation requires a regional revolutionary strategy based on the politics and methods of socialism from below.

All I want for the holidays is a ceasefire

Scholars Against the War on Palestine called for a permanent ceasefire in Israel’s war on Gaza. Here we reproduce the statement and a partial list of signatories.

On the origins and development of Hamas

Joseph Daher explores how internationalists who support the self-determination of Palestinians should understand Hamas as historically a conservative force while maintaining solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.


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