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Rank-and-file strategy

Stylized image of postal workers strike 1970s

Origins of the rank and file strategy

by Kim Moody

Kim Moody, a veteran of the International Socialists, explains the roots of the rank and file strategy in the Marxist tradition and how the International Socialists (U.S.) tried to put it into practice by diving into the rank and file rebellions of the 1970s.

A new era of labor revolt (1966)

On the job vs. official unions

by Stan Weir

In the mid-1960s, in the midst of Black urban revolt and radicalization on campuses, the U.S. working class was supposedly bought off and inactive. Worker-revolutionary Stan Weirdisagreed. In this 1966 speech, he detailed the broad stirrings of a rank and file rebellion—a revolt with roots in unbearable workplace conditions and a deep feeling that “something’s basically wrong with American life.”

CTU in the crosshairs

by Joe Allen

Joe Allen looks at the recent attacks on the Chicago Teachers Union, and its democratically elected leadership, by the mainstream press, big business, and elements of the Democratic Party.