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Democratic Socialists of America

DSA after the 2023 convention

The window for revolutionaries in the DSA is still open, if “open” means the opportunity to work with other socialists in the unions and movements, to win a layer of activists to revolutionary politics, and to advance the projects of left and revolutionary regroupment, argue Tempest members Giselle Gerolami, Ron Lare, and Peter Solenberger.

The DSA moment is over

Andy Sernatinger looks at the crisis facing the Democratic Socialists of America, arguing that DSA’s ‘moment’ has passed.

Racism, self-determination, and the dissolution of the Palestine working group

The DSA voted to dissolve the BDS and Palestine Solidarity Working Group (BDSWG) and force it into the International Committee despite protest from both groups. To ignore the gravity of this decision and its implications would be a disastrous mistake–a mistake reflected in the celebration of the new DSA leadership.

Trapped in the Democratic Party

Tempest’s Ashley Smith describes how Joe Biden’s economic program represents “imperialist Keynesianism” designed to rival China, ameliorate domestic social inequalities, and neutralize challenges from both the Left and the Trumpian right. The Left must build an alternative.

The blush is off the rose

Ahead of the Democratic Socialists of America’s 2023 Convention, Natalia Tylim assesses the state of the organization.

On the Chicago race for mayor

Kirstin Roberts argues that given the stark political choice, the broad mobilization of left and movement forces in support of Brandon Johnson, and the groundwork laid over the last decade by union and social struggles in Chicago, the elections offer real opportunities for socialists committed to political independence.

Making sense of Chicago’s election

Joe Allen sets the Chicago mayoral election in historical context and argues that the choice on offer, however stark, also reflects the political limits of the strength of the Left and our (social and trade union) movements.

Class independence and the broad parties

Tempest’s Andrew Sernatinger responds to a debate with Left Voice on how revolutionary socialists should relate to broad parties.


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