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Once More on Hamas

As part of a continuing exchange on October 7, the Palestinian resistance, and the posture of the Left towards Hamas, Dan La Botz and Stephen R. Shalom reply here to Sean Larson. La Botz and Shalom had previously submitted a response to an article by Jonah ben Avraham to which Larson, in…

The Left under Brandon Johnson

brian bean argues the need for independent organizing and struggle under Mayor Brandon Johnson in Chicago

On the Chicago race for mayor

Kirstin Roberts argues that given the stark political choice, the broad mobilization of left and movement forces in support of Brandon Johnson, and the groundwork laid over the last decade by union and social struggles in Chicago, the elections offer real opportunities for socialists committed to political independence.

Making sense of Chicago’s election

Joe Allen sets the Chicago mayoral election in historical context and argues that the choice on offer, however stark, also reflects the political limits of the strength of the Left and our (social and trade union) movements.

No arms to Ukraine?

Nate Moore explains why U.S. based socialists should not be opposing arms to Ukraine despite the inter-imperialist dynamics unleashed by the Russian invasion.

Giving credit to the wrong class

Did workers “pivot” toward striking for union recognition because of New Deal legislation, as Eric Blanc claims? Kim Moody looks at what really drove the labor upsurge of the early 1930s.

Class independence and the broad parties

Tempest’s Andrew Sernatinger responds to a debate with Left Voice on how revolutionary socialists should relate to broad parties.

Worker insurgency and the New Deal

Kim Moody interrogates Eric Blanc’s account of the relationship between the Democrats and working-class self-activity in the New Deal era.

To organize, give people work they want to do

Zyad Hammad of DSA’s NYC Labor Branch argues that what’s missing in DSA organizing is a “scaffolding” of different tiers of engagement that provides opportunities for members take on labor work with low barriers to entry and then advance to deeper involvement as they learn and grow in commitment.

Solidarity with the Ukrainian resistance!

Ashley Smith reviews the ongoing Left debates about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the continuing need to defend Ukrainian resistance as the starting point for rebuilding international solidarity from below.

Revolutionary defeatism, yesterday and today

Simon Hannah reviews the varied Left positions in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and how to understand Lenin’s position of “revolutionary defeatism” in the current war.


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