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Join Tempest

Tempest is run by a membership Collective that meets monthly for political discussions and monthly for organizing meetings. Some members of the Collective are DSA members, others are rooted in parts of the labor movement, anti-racist struggles, or local organizing. What binds us is not full agreement on every question, but a shared strategic outlook on the central importance of struggle and building organizations of and by working class members.

We organize regular public events – replays can be found on our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

We have a rotating editorial board that is subordinate to the Collective. Many Collective members contribute to the writings, interviews, and production of the Tempest website, but one need not be a member to publish with us.

We also have a growing list of committees for ongoing strategy discussion of different areas of activism; a finances committee; an organizing committee that plans our monthly discussions; & an event planning committee.

If you agree with the politics, and perspective laid out on this page, we welcome you into the Tempest Collective. We ask that members pay dues and participate via monthly meetings, being part of a committee, or contributing to the publication.

Sign up to join and we will follow up with you shortly about how to get involved.