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The Tempest Collective is an educational and organizing project. Tempest aims to create a space for the Left to come together to discuss and debate. Our goal is to put forward a revolutionary vision that is clear and understandable, that weighs in on strategic and tactical questions, offers concrete guidance as well as political theory, and presents a consistent set of working-class politics “from below”. 

In addition to national meetings, we are building local chapters across the country. We organize public forums and events, seeking to engage with struggles, educate and discuss. Tempest members are engaged in activism in the trade union, and workers movement, housing rights, climate, and racial justice movements, in the fights for bodily autonomy and gender liberation, against the threat of the far right, and for internationalist solidarity.

Our collective produces this online publication, pursuing pieces from activists and writers that grapple with the emerging questions for the Left. We have broad agreement on political perspectives, but don’t represent a line or a singular point of view, rather a current of revolutionary socialism from below, united in a vision of replacing capitalism with a society rooted in the interests of the majority. Our editors don’t uniformly endorse every position represented in the articles published, and operate on the premise that genuine engagement and debate will strengthen our movement and politics.

We need new forms of revolutionary organization that can better meet this moment, that can bring fresh eyes to the dynamics of party formations and to how we make revolutionary organization relevant to the questions of the day. We do not claim to have the answer to how a new revolutionary organizational form will come about. We share a commitment to developing a space that can contribute to that process – a process that is underway in many different publications and organizations – of figuring out what the organizational representation of our politics will look like in the coming era of crisis.

Tempest aims to contribute to the reconstitution of revolutionary politics and organization in the United States today.

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We don’t receive money from any outside sources because we believe that the Left needs financial independence as well as political independence. So we rely on the generosity of our readers and supporters. Please consider making a donation to help us continue our work.

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