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Palestine and the Arab Revolution

A panel discussion featuring revolutionaries from around the region talking about the inextricable ties between Palestinian liberation and liberation across the region, and its special relevance in this crucial historic moment.

Recent articles

Southern autoworkers on the rise

Workers at six Daimler Truck plants in the South were set to strike when Joel Sronce interviewed UAW members and their supporters in North Carolina.

The bipartisan attack on immigrants

Dana Cloud sat down with immigration justice activist Aly Wane to discuss how Democrats and Republicans, despite differences in rhetoric, have the same border agenda.

Erdoğan’s colossal defeat in Turkey — and a new hope

Hakan Yilmaz reports on the electoral defeat of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (AKP) in last month’s Turkish municipal elections and argues that the Left’s victory hints at a completely new balance of forces in which movements from below can be revived.

Confronting the backlash

In this transcript of a session at Socialism 2023, Tempest’s Haley Pessin and Phil Gasper discuss how socialists should challenge the backlash against the anti-racist uprising of the 2020s and argue that it takes a combined anti-racism and anti-capitalism to mount the necessary resistance.


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