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The greater evil

Stephen R. Shalom criticises the arguments against lesser-evil voting and makes the case for the Left both to support Biden and build the social movements.

A threshold has been crossed

Joe Allen looks at the rising threat of the Far Right, its relationship to the Trump Administration, and its implications for the Left before and after the November elections.

Strike for abolition

Alice Herman interviews a striking worker at University of Michigan about their strike to defund the police and the lessons for other police reform movements.

Reflections on the rebellions

Sudip Bhattacharya, mixes firsthand accounts of the rebellion for Black Lives with reflections of the political lessons that socialists and progressives should take away from the events of recent months.

Recent articles

Militia and Militarism

Rosa Luxemburg shames the SPD leadership and, in the process, lays out an understanding of the relationship between right-wing governmental forces and bodies of armed men. Tim Goulet provides a contemporary introduction.

Taking the dirty break seriously

DSA members, Joe Evica and Andy Sernatinger, look at the theory of the “dirty break,” arguing that taking the strategy at its word would require a fundamental shift to DSA’s electoral strategy.

Strategic implications of the reductionism debates

In the second part of our interview, Asad Haider answers questions about the debates surrounding Adolph Reed and economic reductionism, and how to understand the relationship between race and class in this moment of anti-racist rebellion and a new socialist Left.

Taking the wrong lessons from history

brian bean writes a response to a recent Jacobin article comparing recent DSA electoral success to Socialist Party victors in the state 100 years ago, analyzing what lessons are worth following and which not.

Race and class / Reed and reductionism

Tempest’s Aaron Amaral and Lillian Cicerchia interview author, Asad Haider, in a wide-ranging conversation about race, reductionism, Adolph Reed, and the Marxist method.

At a crossroads

Andy Sernatinger reviews the recent history of the refounded DSA, the strategic and organizational questions which defined the last few years, and the emerging political question in the COVID moment.

The Tempest project

We have launched Tempest as a small contribution to rebuilding a revolutionary socialist current in the U.S. Here we reprint a brief introduction to our project.

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