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Is socialism winning?

Emma Wilde Botta contends that the idea that socialism is winning misreads the moment.

An insidious dialectic

Aaron Amaral interviews David Renton about the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party, and the issue of anti-Semitism within the party that led to his suspension.

Backing Biden will not stop Trumpism

Charlie Post and Ashley Smith respond to Stephen R. Shalom’s criticisms of their article, “The lesser evil trap.”

Rank and file reds

Joe Allen responds to Eli R. on the role of socialist organization in the political life of a rank-and-file Teamster.

Biden pledge spits at DSA’s democracy

Andy Sernatinger responds to a recent initiative by DSA members, laying out how it circumvents the organization’s democracy.

The urgency of anti-fascism

Adam Turl responds to David Renton, arguing that the fascist trajectory of the Trump administration in the current moment is of great concern; one demanding a response by the Left.

The greater evil

Stephen R. Shalom criticises the arguments against lesser-evil voting and makes the case for the Left both to support Biden and build the social movements.

Taking the dirty break seriously

DSA members, Joe Evica and Andy Sernatinger, look at the theory of the “dirty break,” arguing that taking the strategy at its word would require a fundamental shift to DSA’s electoral strategy.

Taking the wrong lessons from history

brian bean writes a response to a recent Jacobin article comparing recent DSA electoral success to Socialist Party victors in the state 100 years ago, analyzing what lessons are worth following and which not.

The lesser-evil trap

Ashley Smith and Charlie Post argue that despite the indisputable greater evil in Donald Trump, the socialist Left undermines its own project when it campaigns for the lesser-evil, Joe Biden.

When your assaulter is the “Lesser Evil”

Natalia Tylim, a DSA member in New York, looks at the controversy surrounding Tara Reade’s accusations of sexual assault against Joe Biden and their implications for the #MeToo movement and the Left.

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