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Biden, borders, and the fight for migrant rights

by Tempest

The Biden administration’s policies have precipitated a humanitarian crisis on the U.S./ Mexico border. While it repealed some of Trump’s vicious anti-immigrant orders, the administration has maintained a closed border, expelled over 170,000 people, thrown over 19,000 children into detention centers, and pressured Mexico to bar migrants on its southern border. At an April 25 virtual event, socialists and activists discussed Biden’s betrayal of his campaign promises and what the movement must do to win migrant justice. The video of this panel is available here.

Thailand, Belarus, Nigeria: Uprisings, Repression, and Solidarity

A panel hosted by Internationalism From Below

by Internationalism from Below

In its unofficial launch program, Internationalism From Below (IFB) presents a panel of leading activists from three countries in which massive popular mobilizations have shaken the political status quo and offered hope for a democratic alternative. IFB partnered with Haymarket Books and and the event was co-sponsored by: No Borders News; Review of African Political Economy; Tempest; Lausan 流傘; New Politics magazine; and others.