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a firefighter in front of a blazing fire

The politics of degrowth

Technology, ideology, and the fight for eco-socialism

by Paul Fleckenstein and Gareth Dale

Degrowth identifies and critiques growth as fundamental to the capitalist system. Growth enriches property owners and the wealthy, leaving the rest of humanity behind with devastating environmental consequences. Tempest member Paul Fleckenstein interviews Gareth Dale on the politics of degrowth and the critique of the ideology of growth in capitalist society.

Perspectives for socialists today

A Tempest NYC Marxism day school talk

by Natalia Tylim

In this talk delivered in June 2023 at the Tempest NYC Marxism day school, Natalia Tylim explains the importance of revolutionary organization and suggests directions for Tempest today. This is the second in an ongoing series of articles from our regional Marxism schools that took place earlier this summer. It has been lightly edited for publication. The first essay by Tim Goulet focused on socialists in the labor movement.

”Indigenous communities are leading the struggle in Jujuy”

Interview with an Argentinian socialist

by Gastón Remy, Warren Montag, Jimena Vergara, and Joseph Serrano

This summer, the province of Jujuy in Argentina exploded in protest against constitutional reforms with the indigenous communities at the forefront. The backdrop to this conflict is an anti-imperialist fight for control of the country’s resources. Warren Montag, Jimena Vergara, and Joseph Serrano interview Argentinian socialist activist and professor Gastón Remy.